RealSmart: World Class Analytics
for Local Level Campaigns

Technical Stack


Node JS


Running an informed campaign does not need to require top-dollar analysts.

We've heard about the level of data analysis that the presidential campaigns are working with these days. They know your name, phone number, political affiliation, how often you vote and most of your demographic information. They also pay millions of dollars to campaign staff in order to manage and make use of that data. But did you know that "down-ballot" politicians running for local offices also have access to all of the same data?
In many cases, the voter registration database is public information and every citizen has access via the web. But smaller campaigns lack is the funds to hire data analysts to manage and decipher the data into something actionable.
Enter RealSmart Reports. Using cutting edge data analysis and presentation techniques, RealSmart Reports produce actionable insights meant to be consumed by the majority of politicians who don't have gargantuan budgets to spend. Produced using Postgres's PostGIS library, HTML, CSS, D3.js and Node.js, the reports take their final form as a good ol' PDF document. The PDF format was far more accessible to many politicians compared to a complex web interface and could be easily distributed to campaign staff.


Initial impact has been positive and the reports have received positive reviews from several of the candidates in the North Carolina test market. The initial reporting product is targeted at electoral data, but in subsequent rounds non-election specific reporting will also be made available.