Dan Hensley, Simply Civic

Michael was great to work with. We had pre-determined functionality and deadlines to meet, combined with several technical challenges that cropped up throughout the course of the project. Michael was always able to work within the project’s constraints to develop a solution that met our customer's needs while providing us flexibility moving forward.

Communicating with Michael was also a breeze. We would hold daily stand-ups where we would discuss the project and any current challenges that we were experiencing. Michael would always explain things in a clear manner and provide a few different ways that we could explore in solving issues. We would walk away from the meeting with a clear plan of action that the entire team was comfortable exploring. Needless to say, it was great to be able to work with someone with an open and direct communication style.

Michael spends a lot of time understanding the domain that a solution is being developed for. It's not enough to understand the problem from a technical perspective, but he works to really understand each user role and how they can best interact with the application. This helps him continually bring up new ideas to solve the problem that often times can lead to innovative solutions being discovered. I’m definitely looking forward to working with him again in the future.